January 29, 2023

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Ummu Kultum's family has filed a case against the person who abused him

Ummu Kultum’s family has filed a case against the person who abused him

Egyptian poet Nasser Dovidar was attacked a few days ago after insulting the late artist Ummu Kultuma during a seminar organized by the Egyptian Writers’ Association on “Egyptian song and the conscience of a nation”.

Nasser Tovidar insulted Umm Kulthumai, he married 11 times, befriended her 11 times, and used her lover, the poet Ahmed Rami, in the Egyptian folk expression “She played him on hooks”, which signifies restraint and control. , And further said: “Umm Kultum is a selfish woman and the relationship between Umm Kultum Kultum and Rami is that the wolf is related to its prey.

In turn, the family of the late artist responded to Tovitar’s statements and authorized legal adviser Yasser Kandush to take legal action. He will be prosecuted for insulting the dignity and history of Planet East.

In the aftermath of the violent attack on him, Nasser Tovidar apologized for his statements and said that Umm Kulthum, the national symbol who helped Egypt in many crises, could not be hurt.

Artist Honey Shaker, on the other hand, who heads the Syndicate of Musical Professions, refuses to insult or abuse Egyptian artists who are important symbols of the culture’s conscience and heritage. Furthermore, the Writers and Composers Association filed a complaint with the Attorney General against the poet for insulting the great poets Ahmed Rami and Um Kultum, who are considered to be one of the symbols and founders of the Writers and Composers Association.