February 7, 2023

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Unprecedented achievement .. Earth's plants grow in the soil of the moon

Unprecedented achievement .. Earth’s plants grow in the soil of the moon

Today, Thursday, researchers sowed the seeds of a small flowering herb called “Mouse Year Grace” in 12 small containers containing one gram of soil. The moon “Lunar Regolith” and saw it germinate.

And differ Lunar RegolithWith sharp particles and small organic matter, it is significantly different from the soil of the earth, so it is not known whether the seeds germinate or not.

Anna Lisa Paul, professor of horticultural science, is the director of the Intermediate Center for Biotechnology Research at the University of Florida and co – chair of the study published in Communication Biology. It opens the door to explore the future using the resources of the Moon and Mars. “

Its growth was weaker than that of plants in the soil of the earth. They are slow-growing and generally small, their roots very dwarf and showing stress-like features such as small leaves and dark reddish-black color, which is unusual for healthy growing plants.

It showed the genetic symptoms that characterize this stress, as well as the effects of the plant’s interactions with salt and minerals and its exposure to antioxidant processes. However, it was a development PlantsTo the researchers, “a wonderful thing.”

Rob Farrell, co-chair of the study, said an assistant vice president University Florida Research: “Watching plants grow is an achievement because we can go to the moon and grow our food, clean the air, and recycle plants using the water we use on earth. On the ground“.