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Update for Xiaomi’s MIUI 13 Phone Group – Learn About The First Package List – Life Mix


Now :: For Xiaomi’s MIUI 13 Update Team of Phones .. Learn about the first batch list. Welcome. Today we will talk about the topic of MIUI 13 update provided by Xiaomi.

The company, which specializes in phones targeting the middle class and above, has announced the MIUI 13 update, an update on Xiaomi phones, which is not just for certain phones. With the release of the MIUI 12 update with the Xiaomi Phone 11 user interface built into the Android 11 system, the latest update will be even better, but in recent times, updates aimed at Android 12 have begun. Definitely start with a new user interface, and it’s an update to MIUI 13 and the latest update will reach the group of phones already on the market and the new phones planned to be released in the market.

MIUI 13 update

The company has announced a package that will be included in the MIUI 13 update, which will support phones running Android 12 and some phones running Android 11, and will appear as a beta version of the update in some copies.

xiaomi update

According to the first batch of these updates, they are the owners of Xiaomi Civi and Xiaomi Mix 4 phones, and in addition to the Pro version of the Redmi K40, the update will also appear for users of the Redmi Note. 10 Pro with Xiaomi 11 and Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition, Xiaomi 11 Ultra and Pro version of the same phone. The first set includes the Chasmi Pad 5 in addition to the Pro version of the same device, as well as the 5G version of the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro, as well as the Xiaomi 10s and Redmi K30 Extreme. Version and Redmi K30s version. The first batch of phones include the Xiaomi 10 Pro version of the device, the Xiaomi 10 Extreme Edition, the Redmi K30 Pro and the fifth generation Redmi Note 11, the fourth generation Redmi Note 9 and the Redmi. Note 10x, Pro version of the same device and Xiaomi CC9 Pro. The second volume will be announced later, but includes the Redmi Note 11 Pro, the Pro Plus version of the same device. The update has a screen-like smooth interface with an Infinity scroll, which means that when you get to the last part, it automatically returns to the first point.

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