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Updated list of countries most affected by corona infection in the world


Johns Hopkins University in the United States estimates that the total number of corona virus infections in the world has risen to more than 251.3 million and that the total number of deaths is more than five million.

The total number of cases of corona virus in the world has reached 251,352,390, and the total number of deaths is 5,071,824, according to university data.

The United States tops the list of countries with 758,877 deaths from the virus, and the total number of infections has reached 46,786,131.

Brazil ranks second in terms of death toll, with 610,036 deaths and a total of 21,909,298 injuries.

India is in third place with a total of 461,849 deaths and a total of 34,388,579 injuries.

Mexico ranks fourth in the death toll with 290,110 and a total of 3,831,259 injuries.

Russia is in fifth place with a total of 245,794 deaths and a total of 8,764,713 injuries.

And the sixth is Peru, with a total of 200,502 deaths and 2,208,891 injuries.

In seventh place is Indonesia, with a total of 143,592 deaths and a total of 4,249,323 injuries.

Britain is in eighth place, with a total of 142,772 deaths and 9,451,884 injuries.

Italy ranks ninth with a total of 132,551 deaths and 4,826,738 injuries.

Colombia is in tenth place, with a total of 127,640 deaths and a total of 5,021,619 injuries.

Source: RIA Novosti

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