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Wafa Amar: There are rumors that we are eating pounds of gold, I do not care what is said about me


The Egyptian star topped the list Wafa Amar The most searched person on Google search engine, his statements with the media were aired on his show “A Last Word” where Lamis al-Hadidi talks about his Ramadan jobs, upbringing and rumors. From time to time.
The star, Wafa Amar, said at the beginning of his meeting that he belongs to a normal family and lives his life simply without attracting attention: “We are normal, we eat and drink like normal people, I sit. On the balcony, imagine that we are not surrounded by makeup,” Also eat beans and taste like ordinary people and folks.

Wafa Amar continued, “Many rumors are coming from us that we are artists and journalists, that we eat pounds of gold and have strange needs. These words are not true.”
Wafa Amar continued: “Judgment on me is not a bar to me because they will not stop spreading rumors (they will not stop slandering) because they will not stop talking about it (until Judgment Day). My condition, and I fear our Lord, I will raise my head until I am right … as the famous saying goes (oh, you go down, you tie up, you get up). “
Artist Wafa Amar talks about his artwork last Ramadan season: I’m not half (Yusra) in the “Regin” Ya Hawa series, but I’m as brave and strong as in the Lust Island series (Hilal). , And the reaction of the audience was Macbrany and the street girls Pasoni, and I like the feelings Dee, and my son once said to me, Uncle, why are you running into your soul today?

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And artist Wafa Amar added: “Hala has many needs from me because she is brave, everyone who knows me knows I am brave and strong, and I do not have sharp feelings, but I can control them. I did not do that for a while, but now I I’m like, Hilal’s trust in places and her relationship with her is very similar to my personality. I love my house, my neighbors, and the street. “

Also, regarding the audience’s interaction with “Yusria” or “Hilala”, artist Wafa Amar said: “It was amazing that the audience invited me to all the characters. I was so confused on the street by the Sixers on the street that I like these feelings.

And the artist, Wafaa Amer, responded to a question from the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi: “How do you respond to characters like Yusria?”
The artist, Wafa Amar, made his acting debut last Ramadan season with the series “Beat Al Shada” and with the stars Khalid Al-Nabawi, Noor and Anushka in “Regin Ya Hawa”. “Com Island” with Ahmed Badir et al., And stars

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