March 27, 2023

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Was artist Mohammad Najati responsible for Menna Arafa’s divorce? Her husband breaks the silence

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Mahmoud al-Mahdi was told the details of his separation before returning to his wife, the young Egyptian artist Menna Arafa, and the reason for the footage he had collected for his separation with artist Mohammed Najati.

Al-Mahdi, through the story of his account on Instagram, said in a video about him: “In words, the differences between me and Menna Arafa are said to be due to a scene that led to separation. Nothing like that, there was a scene where she would be removed and she refused to be removed. “

He continued, “We always talk to the producer or director. The boss has no shots, no hugs, no shell, red lines like a respectable artist.”

He added: “We do not have to communicate art in a brutal way, we can communicate it in a respectful way, and we are in an Oriental community, and we need to take this into account.”

After the artist, Mohammad Najati, was recently informed about the separation of artist Menna Arafa from her husband, the young artist Mahmoud al-Mahdi, he said, “The problem is bigger on the cheek than its size.

Najati shared with me the shooting of a series by artist Menna Arafa on Friday evening, in a phone interview with Amr Adi media on the show “Al-Hekaya” aired on the “MBC Egypt” satellite channel. Called “Villa 101”, I am also a gynecologist at work events, and as a result of my sister’s role being conceived without her family’s knowledge, there is a dizzying scene for artist Menna Arafa. .

And, “I should have kept it in my hand, but she refused, which was contrary to the work environment, so there was a problem, and the scene was removed, and I told her that you were my little sister., And I explained to the director that I had no need for this scene and removed it. . “

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He added, “In another scene I had to examine her and feel the pulse of her hand to detect her pregnancy, but she refused at first and then treated the scene as it was in the scene.” : “I was surprised by her condition. I told her you were my sister. Your hand whispered. I told the director. As a doctor I will find out without touching her how pregnant she is.”

Artist Mohamed Nagati added: “There are many scenes between me and Mina in the coming days, including the scene where I hit her with a pen,” and “I will be in touch with Dr. Ashraf Jackie. Captain of the cast, to find out what the artist is allowed to represent in the scenes written in the script and the extent of the artist’s commitment to the terms of the contract with the company. ” Producer.

The artist, Menna Arafa, had recently announced that she would be returning to her husband Mahmoud al-Mahdi after splitting from each other for the past few days.

It is noteworthy that Menna Arafa announced her separation from her husband, Mahmoud al-Mahdi, through the “story” of her account on Instagram: “Everything happened as a division and a division, division, and may God help everyone.”