January 30, 2023

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"Washington Post": "Twitter" accepts and shares its data with Elon Musk

“Washington Post”: “Twitter” accepts and shares its data with Elon Musk

After a week-long crisis, Twitter’s board of directors plans to comply with Elon Musk’s internal data demands, a huge data stream that posts more than 500 million tweets every day. . Washington Post “.
The move is aimed at ending a confrontation with a millionaire who threatened to pull out of his $ 44 billion deal to buy the platform if he did not provide access to data he claims the company needs to estimate the number of fake users on the platform.
The person said data could be made available to Musk later this week. Currently, about two dozen companies pay for access to this database, which includes real-time recordings of tweets, tweeting devices, and more.
Muskin’s legal team emphasizes the need for data flow to understand the extent of spam and automated account activity on its site, which can affect a company’s advertising revenue.
Musk said the deal has been put on hold until information is available, and added that he is trying to recoup or negotiate the purchase of the company at a lower price.
There have been challenges regarding Twitter’s automated accounts and fake accounts since the platform launched 16 years ago. Over the years, the company has reported that automated accounts and spam accounts account for less than 5% of users on the service, which the company derives from extensive audits. But some external researchers, based on their research, suggest that the percentage may be higher, perhaps double or even triple. (Agencies)