June 9, 2023

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Watch Haret al-Qobba Series, Part 3, Episode 10, Full, High Quality, HD

Harad Al-Qoba Series, Part 3, Episode 10 Continuing with you on your website, we educate us every day about the interesting events that took place in the third season of the series Harad al-Qoba and the continuous upheavals in the personality of Abu al-Es. behavior, and he cares more about himself than the stability of his family, and he prefers his personal interest to the interests of his wives, especially after him the audience is shocked by Suhaila’s fluency, which does not stop at this point. The new wife will use this matter to her advantage. Will Abu al-Eaz submit to her of his own accord or will he discover things hidden from him? , God willing.

Watch Part 3, Episode 10 of the Harad al-Qoba series

We complete events with you The Dome Lane Series, Part Three Chapter 10,The Story of Al-Kobe Neighborhood Series, part three, continues the story of life in a Levantine environment, the series revolves around the events and stories of life in an ancient Levantine neighborhood, and deals with many social, ethical and human issues. Problems reflecting the Levantine environment in all its details. In addition to exploring the everyday lives of the neighborhood’s residents and the difficulties and problems they face, Levantine continues to examine the problems faced by neighborhood residents, especially in light of social and historical changes. the world Of course, this series will be a link between all parts of Harad al-Qoba and it will be launched in Ramadan 2023 through a dedicated channel, and followers can watch it and download it through the channel’s app.

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Haret al-Kobba series, part 3, episode 10, education for us every day

Saya informs Bhatriya that Ikhlas is dead and hence should not mention her in any way. Badria tells Saya that Abu al-Eas will see and there will be trouble, to which Saya replies that he does not know and that Abu al-Eas should not see Iqlaas on the matter because he will not be completely silent.

Sayyah tells Iqlaas that Abu al-S had two sons and that he was living his life and married three women without asking about them. Iklas is very sad for her brother’s children.

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