February 7, 2023

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Watch the Houthi forts collapse in front of the Yemeni army south of Marib

Watch the Houthi forts collapse in front of the Yemeni army south of Marib

Yemeni military forces, with the support of coalition planes that support anti-people protests and legitimacy, made new progress on the southern battlefield in Maribil on Thursday. Houthi militants in Iran Major losses in equipment and lives.

The Yemeni army’s media outlet said the army and the rebels had launched a major offensive, during which they were able to defeat Iranian fighters from the ruling positions and large areas south of Agabat Mala, south of Marib.

He confirmed that in addition to other casualties of war equipment, several militant members were killed or wounded as a result of military firing and coalition airstrikes.

He pointed out that amid the decline in the ranks of Iranian fighters and the massive human and material casualties, the wars were still continuing.

The center released a video clip of the military advances in the south of Maribin and the collapse of the fortresses of the conspiratorial fighters before the protest.

In this context, the Coalition for Legal Support in Yemen announced on Thursday evening that the forces of the “Happy Yemen” regiment had made “quality advances” in the southern hemisphere and had joined the Giants regiment. Before the same.

According to a brief statement, the coalition praised the heroism of the giant forces and the support of the United Arab Emirates for “Yemen’s happy independence”.

Troops and giants continued to advance on the southern tip of the Marib Governorate, and took control of new bases at Agabat Mala in the Harib District. Camp according to field sources.

Sources confirmed that after advancing on the Lajma base, government forces were able to isolate Houthi militants stationed in the Al-Balak mountain range and surrounding areas.

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