March 25, 2023

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Watch the moment when a woman is subjected to mass harassment at the Mohammedan Ramadan concert in Iraq (video)

Watch the moment when a woman is subjected to mass harassment at the Mohammedan Ramadan concert in Iraq (video)

An Iraqi girl was tortured at an Egyptian artist’s party Mohammed RamadanIn Iraq, according to a video clip documenting the incident.

Mass harassment

Activists watched a video of Muhammad Ramadan dancing and singing interacting with the audience through “Wadan”. A woman from the audience yells at the young men behind her.

The little girl uttered foreign words showing that the young men felt important parts of her body.

A fight begins between the girl and the young man who try to deny that they have committed a crimeHarassing her.

Activists: “You deserve it.”

The video caused controversy among social activists, and the incident is commonplace in a place like this.

Comments: “What do you expect from me? Festivals and Feasts Do you believe in the benefits of that? It is best not to attend for your own safety and to protect your children from the aggression and aggression that may occur during the meeting.

Another mocked his comment: “The Arabs are lost everywhere.”

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One follower wrote that he would do the same if he was there: “I swear by God, if you attend these forms, God will not do more than this. This place shows your impurity there.”

“The devil helps me”

In another context, Ramadan responded to an attack by the leader of the State of Law Coalition and the former Prime Minister of Iraq. Nouri al-Maliki.

Published by Mohammed Ramadan Video of former Iraqi Prime Minister attacking him on his Instagram pageNouri al-Maliki also criticized Ramadan without naming it.

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Nouri al-Maliki said: “In this frightening way, they are embracing tens of thousands of people who want to see a bad, obscene man.” He responded with a scene from one of his films before Ramadan, in which he says: “I am the devil, he helped me.”

In a separate clip, Muhammad Ramadan released a videoIraqi cleric “Ramadan did not come to us. We are very happy about Mohammed Ramadan in Baghdad. He came and exposed his chest and made people give him watches and gifts in front of people,” he criticizes him. Before Ramadan, Egyptian artist Adel Imam responded with a video clip of a play in which he says: “This is me, I won.”

And Egyptian artist Mohammed Ramadan shared a video with his followers on InstagramJaber al-Ibrahimi, Iraqi Shiite cleric, In which he opposes the billions of Iraqi dinars spent on his first concert in Baghdad.

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Source: (Homeland – Social Websites)