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What are the surgeries to extend the height?  .. and the most important issues?

What are the surgeries to extend the height? .. and the most important issues?

One of the problems that some individuals face is short height and can often cause them stress, and this problem is caused by certain factors such as developmental problems, which are called existing developmental disorders, or it may be related to problems with hormones, or genetics, or poor absorption of food, or it may be genetic There may be a factor behind it.

Lengthening the apex is the most important solution to overcoming this problem because it succeeds in causing length differences such as leg or short arm, especially in children born with problems with joint development, which, according to the Boston Children’s Hospital, can stop the growth of the arm or leg after a complex fracture or misalignment.

By surgically cutting the bone and attaching a device that moves slowly to the ends of the bone, depending on the stimulation of the growth of the bones of the foot or arm, the gap between these two ends can be opened and the gap to fill with new bone, and often, depending on the age of the patient, the stage of growth and the amount of stretching required, can last for many years. Undergo long cycles..

Most often, it is used to correct leg length inconsistencies, prevent back, hip and knee problems, and stretch the legs caused by walking on different length legs.

In body-length operations, the surgeon uses two types of devices that can create gaps in the bones, first on the outside of his foot or arm for several months, after initial surgery, with a family member or patient to expand a frame, and at short intervals to stimulate bone growth. Size.

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The second type is an extensible device that, after the bone has been cut, extends it out of the joint with a magnetic control unit, and the process of stretching the height helps to gently tighten the soft tissues around the bone. The patient is monitored after surgery, it is necessary to observe whether one of the veins is stretched too much, or the muscle becomes too tight, the surgeon must intervene again to stop the extension process.

There are some risks associated with status elongation procedures, and patients may be at risk for nerve damage, muscle damage, joint contracture, displacement, and arthritis.