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What happens when a cobra encounters different types of venomous snakes?


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The cobra is considered one of the most dangerous snakes, killing its victims with its venomous teeth or breathing venom into their eyes.

However, Egyptian herpetologist Ahmed al-Dakrouni wondered what would happen if the cobra encountered a variety of venomous snakes. (Watch video clip above).

What did he do?

Al-Daqroni administered cobra venom with other types of venomous snakes and vice versa.

They include the puffer cobra, pair viper, sawtooth snake, black alien snake and blue snake.

After 40 minutes, the result was unexpected, as the Egyptian reptile expert explained on his YouTube channel.

It is evident that the nerves of the venomous snakes are greatly affected, paralyze without some resistance, and die within two hours.

On the other hand, the cobra was not affected by the venom of the other snakes and was in perfect health.

In an interview with CNN in Arabic, al-Dakroni explained that the Egyptian cobra has two venom compounds, one of which is neuronal and the other cellular.

It is the most lethal neurotoxin of all snake species.

A video clip revealed that despite being injected with approximately one gram of Egyptian cobra venom, the buffer cobra was unharmed. As al-Daghroni said, the similarity of their venoms is not what you might first think: “Both species live in the same environment, but the puffer cobra has a strong immunity against the venom of the Egyptian cobra.”

A video shot by an Egyptian reptile expert has gone viral on social media. People’s opinions differ between supporters and opponents.

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Tacroni’s interest in reptiles began 10 years ago, particularly through the study of venomous species. He managed to catch his first cobra at the age of 17.

After learning about the types of snakes and their venom, he decided to start his own farm in 2014.

In 2019, Al-Dakroni was keen to write a digital book about all the reptiles in Egypt, as he confirmed that more than two million copies of it have been downloaded so far.

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