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What is the difference between the new Apple update iOS 17 and iOS 16?


By Amira Shehata

Friday, 09 June 2023 02:00 AM

iOS 17 was officially released by Apple at WWDC 2023 and is scheduled to launch later this year, but what are the key differences between it and iOS 16?

At the same time Ft OS iOS 16 New Features As well as a customizable lock screen, iOS 17 includes several quality updates such as improved autocorrect technology and voice message transcription.

Here are five new features that differentiate iOS 17 from iOS 16, according to Trustedreviews.

Direct Voicemail

This new feature is called Direct Voicemail, and the idea is simple. When the recipient sends a voicemail on your iPhone, you’ll see it being dictated on the screen in real time.

If you want to avoid scam calls or if you get a call during a busy business meeting and can’t answer, it helps you know the purpose of the call without answering.

Journal application

Journal is basically a new digital diary app that’s making its way iPhone In iOS 17 later this year.

The app aims to keep your memories, goals, affirmations and anything you want to write down at the start or end of your day in one place.

The app lets you import photos, videos, music, text, and more, and the app can ask specific questions to help you write more accurately about your experiences.

It allows you to keep specific events or memories, make daily affirmations, and set alerts to remind you to complete them on a daily basis.

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standby mode

Standby mode introduces a new way to use your iPhone when not in active use. It’s basically a mode that turns your iPhone into a smart digital display while charging and in landscape orientation.

The screen will display recent photos, time in large format, popular tools, live activities and more.

Name drop feature

Name Drop is a new feature related to AirDrop that allows easy contact sharing between iPhone users in the same location as you.

Bring the iPhone close to someone you want to share contact details with and they’ll automatically be sent. At the same time you will also get their contact details.

It contains information like names, contact photos, email addresses and more, and it works between iPhones and Apple Watch until updated with the latest software.

Check-in feature

Apple is introducing a new check-in functionality to the iPhone with iOS 17, which essentially automates the process for you.

This feature sends automatic updates to your pre-selected contacts in the Messages app informing them of your arrival home.

This function tracks the route you took during your trip and alerts your contacts if you are late, deviated from the route or missed home.

You’ll also share important information like your smartphone’s battery status, helping to provide peace of mind to concerned loved ones around the world.

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