June 6, 2023

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What is the relationship between mental health and physical health?

What is the relationship between mental health and physical health?

Plum, the world’s leading provider of quality of life in the workplace, has recently launched its operations in the United Arab Emirates, with the launch of Mental Awareness Month on May 1, a report highlighting the clear link between mental and physical health. For 31 in the UAE and worldwide.

The report’s findings indicate that the relationship between mental and physical health is often misunderstood. The report highlights three major mental health factors that are directly linked to physical health: chronic depression, depression and fatigue. He explains that neglecting mental health, especially with regard to these three factors, has a direct impact on the body.

The effects of these mental factors include chronic stress, which can contribute to physical symptoms such as high blood pressure and clogged arteries, and even changes in the brain, leading to mental conditions such as anxiety, depression and addiction. Fatigue increases a person’s risk of heart disease and other known risk factors including obesity, high cholesterol and smoking. If these conditions are not diagnosed, they may increase the risk of stroke or heart attack. Physical effects of depression include headaches, fatigue, back pain, insomnia, heart disease, and altered mental function. These physical symptoms can greatly affect longevity and quality of life, which is why it is important to seek help to eliminate long-term mental and physical health and to eliminate depression.

These risks to long-term physical health affect people’s lives, including personal relationships and work performance, which pose a major threat to the productivity of any business, and leads to loss of profit and human capital. Therefore, fatigue, chronic stress and depression should be taken seriously and these conditions should receive the necessary attention from companies and employers around the world.

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Research psychologist Galen Loop shares his tips for improving mental and physical health in the workplace during Mental Awareness Month.

Setting aside time for mental health and meditation is important for all of us. You can take five minutes of rest in the workplace a day to clear your mind and meditate, which can significantly affect your mental and physical health.

The process of setting goals is optimal for developing positive and energy both mentally and physically. Start each day with small, achievable goals, such as setting aside time to eat breakfast at the same time, and then slowly move toward larger goals. This sense of leadership and responsibility motivates us and enhances our focus.

Establish clear boundaries between work and personal life. This sense of balance and boundaries makes employees happier and more productive, which positively affects not only individuals but also businesses.

It is very important to provide a safe place to communicate and freely express the needs of everyone. Communication is important for personal and business development.

Before any serious complications occur, it is important to address the root causes of problems and stress to ensure that you receive appropriate treatment and solutions. This mental awareness month will be an opportunity to think about and address the root cause of some of the major stressors.

Plum Founder and CEO Azeem Amin said: “Mental health and physical health are always linked. When the mind is affected, the body is affected, thus affecting the personal and professional lives of individuals. Is, which ensures healthy and happy workplaces.

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