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What preventive measures have the Centers for Disease Control for School Students updated?


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday updated the COVID-19 prevention guidelines for schools from kindergarten to undergraduate classes. The general public ..

It also expanded its recommendations to include testing, advising the cancellation of certain extracurricular and sports activities and following them in practice to protect physical education.

“In the fall we saw a delta wave, we were able to keep our schools safe before it was too late to vaccinate our children,” agency director Dr Rochelle Wallinski told NBC’s “Today” program on Friday.

“To open schools safely now, children between the ages of 5 and 11 and 12 and 17 must be vaccinated and then the necessary prevention strategies must be followed,” Walinsky said.

The renewal of these guidelines will be similar to the reopening of schools in the regions after the festive season.

However, many schools have opted for distance education due to the high number of Govt-19 registered cases or the isolation or isolation of a large number of teachers and staff.

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona told Fox News Sunday that the Biden administration aims to keep all schools open for participatory education, but acknowledges that there are “dangers along the way” in achieving this and reopening their doors.

The agency’s new recommendations for school students from kindergarten to high school say they should not have been fully vaccinated and have been exposed to the corona virus for at least five days, from the last close contact with someone infected with Govt. 19. This recommendation applies to adults who have not been vaccinated or who have not received a booster dose.

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The new recommendations emphasize that students, teachers and staff affected by Govt-19 should stay home and isolate themselves from others for at least five full days. For the first day, it is determined from the onset of symptoms or when the infection is proven. Those who experience improvement in symptoms may be isolated after five full days, their temperature does not rise for 24 hours, and they should wear protective masks for an additional five days while with others.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated the recommendations for COVID-19 testing for schools.

He added that “conducting corona exams for school students will help identify and isolate injuries immediately, initiate isolation, and identify foci that may help reduce the risks to public education.”

The recommendation includes a minimum test for students who have not been fully vaccinated. The test includes a specific map, which requires a COVID-19 test at least once a week in communities with moderate to rapid eruptions.

In addition, the company recommends that teachers and staff be tested at least once a week, including professors and staff who have not been fully vaccinated before.

Improved recommendations for testing can range from high-risk sports such as football and wrestling to high-risk course activities such as singing or training with a band.

According to the updated chart in the recommendations, all participants in these exams will be included regardless of vaccine status.

Schools have been advised to cancel or suspend high-risk games and extracurricular activities in areas where the virus is most prevalent to protect learning in person. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more than 98% of districts have a high incidence of Govt-19.

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“These recommendations are really aimed at preserving the exact person’s education time,” Greta Masetti, director of the agency’s field epidemiology and prevention unit, said at a virtual news conference on Friday. He added that high-risk activities include an increase in the rate of exhalation and frequent friction during their exercise, especially indoors.

Massetti concluded that these recommendations were “part of a multi-level prevention strategy that schools can implement.”

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