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What we can expect at Google I/O 2023


(Credit: Google)

The first Google I/O conference of 2019 will return after a hiatus as Google hosts the conference on May 10 at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.

If you are interested and want to watch the event, it will be shown live Website Google I / O conference. You can pre-register online to attend the event and you will receive the schedule as the event approaches. Stay tuned to this article once you get the schedule. Until then, find out about the most important things that will be announced during the conference:

Pixel 7a for a long time

Google confirmed that the Pixel 7A phone will be announced during the conference. We think it will be worth the price Pixel 6a At the time of the promotion it was “$450”. The reason is the prices Pixel 7 And 7 Pro This was similar to the prices of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. We expect to reach the Middle East market by next month.

The upcoming Pixel Fold

A Google account posted on Twitter yesterday Tweet A teaser video for the Pixel Fold device was shown and it did not mention anything about the specifications of the device or the official announcement date. But it’s a real device and looks just like the Pixel 6 devices. We expect the Pixel 7A to have the same design and be announced together.

Pixel tablet

An official announcement of the Pixel tablet is sure to come out. Google gave a small glimpse of the tablet During the Pixel 7 launch event Last October. The company’s website says the device will “bring the best of Android OS and Pixel hardware together in one tablet” and will be “arriving in 2023.”

(Credit: Google)

Android 14 operating system

Google has already released it Two previews For developers of Android 14 and two public test versions. We expect the conference to focus on explaining the new Android 14 features. Android 14 is set to add new language options, background improvements, improved battery life and faster response.

A lot about artificial intelligence

We know Google will focus on showcasing the latest in integrating AI at I/O. While we don’t know what Google will reveal about AI improvements, we hope to see an update on the same. Cold And we can see the wider applications of AI with its software and products.

Google I/O website

(Credit: Google)

We expect lots of exciting news on May 10th. PCMag will keep all the news live, so don’t forget to follow us Twitter And Instagram.

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