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Will Smith is one of the nominees for the Oscar for his role in “King Richard”.


“King Richard” follows the astonishing rise of champions Serena and Venus Williams, from tennis courts in the poor Los Angeles suburbs to victories in the world’s most important competitions.

The film, which starts this week in the US, is based on the third character besides the two sisters, their father, coach and manager Richard Williams, and his character is modeled by actor Will Smith, which some expect. Won the Oscar for the first time.

Will Smith, thanks to his performance in the film, is considered one of the most likely to win an Oscar for Best Actor next February, after he missed out twice on his chance to win it, and was twice nominated for “Ali” films. And “the pursuit of happiness.”

Will Smith fell in love with Richard Williams a long time ago when he saw his 14-year-old daughter come to his rescue.

“The picture of Venus’ facial expressions (that day) … is etched in her heart,” the actor told an online news conference.

Will Smith, the producer of Warren Brothers’ film, said, “I know I want to show the world a father who protects his daughter.

The film not only highlights the sporting achievements of the two Williams sisters, but also focuses on how this cohesive and extraordinary family was able to achieve glory and fame from the poorer part of which the majority of blacks live.

Richard Williams, for example, created the 78-page plan long before his two daughters were born, which laid the foundation for making Serena and Venus the best players in the world.

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The idea came to a self-made coach after discovering the amount of financial prizes the winners of the World Tennis Championships would receive.

Although her seven titles in four major “Grand Slam” matches were obscured by Serena’s twenty-three victories, the film dominates Venus’ presence as she opens the way for her younger sister to achieve a series of victories in junior. Matches.

“Venus opened the doors and I wish her sister had come,” Sania Sidney, who plays Venus in “King Richard”, told AFP.

“It really means a lot to me (to grow up) to see women who look like me in a game that is basically a completely white sport,” the actress added.

The film highlights Richard Williams’ efforts to find his two daughters as professional coaches at elite tennis clubs in California, where he encountered ridicule and racist prejudice.

After Richard Williams considered Boose to be racist, the Williams family boycotted the most elite “Indian Wells” competition in California for 14 years, after which Serena likened it to a “lynching”.

Serena’s sensitive personality led to frequent fights with sports officials. In Roland Garros, it was banned to wear a full black dress inspired directly by the movie “Black Panther”.
“Every time they entered the stadium, they looked like two revolutionaries,” said Ongano Ellis, who played the mother of two heroine sisters in the film.

He added, “The tennis community is still trying to control their creativity and it is trying to carry out the role of a cop against their genius, but it has not succeeded.”

Will Smith, a father of three, was inspired by how Richard Williams protected his two daughters throughout their athletic careers.

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“(Venus) was like a lion and she knew nothing would happen to her,” he said.
Venus, Serena and their half-sisters are involved in the production, and unlike Richard, he portrayed the film positively but with hints of marital infidelity.

Production officials initially intended to make Will Smith look like Williams Sr., but eventually decided to convince the audience only of his acting skills.
His co-star Tony Goldwin said, “He was able to portray Richard Williams as enthusiastic as Will Smith, but he had a completely different side. It was amazing.”

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