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Will the performance of the cameras below the phone screen improve?


According to the Verge technology report, many smartphone manufacturers are turning to cameras under the screen as a way to remove notes or bumps on the phone, but the Verge technology report says that these early-stage cameras have their own drawbacks.

The report said that this camera faces many problems as it is a useful idea in the theory that if the selfie camera can be placed under the screen, no pump or hole is required, but first attempts were encountered. Some problems.

Like the new technology, the cameras under the screen did not make a good first impression, for example, the ZTE Axon 20 was the first phone to be shipped with an underscreen camera last year, and it was bad. The quality of the camera was also poor, and the screen area seemed more distracting than the pump, and Samsung followed this approach with the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

But two new phones on the market, the Mix 4 from Xiaomi and ZTE’s Action 30, have improved things as they use a different approach to technology, which is better than the previous generation. Instead of having a low resolution screen area that allows light into the camera, it reduces the pixel size without reducing the number. This means that in normal use it is difficult to see the area of ​​the screen that contains the camera, and in action 30 the difference between the location of the camera under the screen and the action on a white background is obvious. It was hard to hide the old phone camera.

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It is now clear that the camera is more vulnerable compared to a camera that does not need to collect light from behind the scenes, and you can tell that ZTE and Xiaomi have relied heavily on algorithms for post-processing, as well as a live image preview. Looks much worse than the final image, and the results still seem to be over, although its processing is more usable than its predecessors, and the video quality is poor, these phones can be difficult to operate. Real time processing.

However, the images you receive from the cameras under the screen are usable most of the time, and if you do not use the front camera much or do not use your mobile phone for zoom calls, you may succeed. Not noticed at all. Importantly, it is best not to use a phone with a camera under the screen.

However, Microsoft’s application science team has been developing cameras under the screen for a completely different reason, which is more than just reducing the size of the phone’s edges, so you can maintain eye contact while watching your screen in video calls.

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