March 30, 2023

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Without an ounce of shame.. Shams Al-Mullah Arabia’s scandalous star of Pop Al-Hara series, naked, with celebrity artist Ali Al-Bahr

As Syrian artist “Shams Al Mulla”, known as the star of the Bob Al Hara series, documented his travels to East Africa in the past months, accounts related to art and celebrity news have resurfaced on social media. .

Shams Al Mulla has previously posted photos on his Instagram short photo and video sharing site, where he is seen strolling in the Seychelles island, located in East Africa, wearing half-naked clothes.

And Shams al-Mullah, fearing comments attacking him for his deliberately daring outfits, has turned off the comments feature on his account.

According to Shams Al Mulla’s explanation, he faces severe criticism from his fans because of his daring outfits.

And Shams Al-Mullah previously responded to her critics with a strong message through her Facebook account, in which she affirmed that she was exercising her personal freedom and did not attack anyone, and that no one had the right to hold her accountable, and if anyone was angry with her, he would block her from her side.

Shams Mulla

Shams Al Mulla is a Syrian actress, born in 1995 in Damascus. His father is the director Bassam Al Mulla, whose name shone while directing the first parts of the “Bab Al Hara” series.

Shams Al-Mulla graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and entered theater at an early age. His first participation was in the ninth episode of Bab Al-Hara series in 2017 and later he was given the role of “Safa Eez”. El-Din”, a young woman disguises herself as a young man to avenge her father who killed him. The French.

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In recent years, Shams Al Mulla has worked as a shopping mode for a brand in Dubai, and he has moved away from acting and cinema to devote himself to managing his account on the “Instagram” application, which has more than a following. Half a million people, she sees through