March 21, 2023

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مستشار بـ"الصحة العالمية": طرح لقاح الأنف ضد كورونا خلال 4 أشهر

“World Health” Consultant: Introducing the nasal vaccine against corona within 4 months

Dr. Jamal Esmat, a member of the National Committee for the Fighting of the Hepatitis Virus and a consultant to the World Health Organization, said there are two ways to fight the corona virus, the first is vaccination and the second is precautionary measures, no one can go it alone.

He explained in a telephone interview with Lupna Assal about the intranasal vaccine for coronavirus through the Al-Hayat channel that it is still under research and is expected to be effective in three or four months, pointing out the importance of getting vaccinated against coronavirus. It’s an essential thing, it’s going to be like an influenza vaccine every year in the future. “

In the first study of hepatitis C patients in Egypt in 1996, Dr. Kamal Esmat explained that 22% of Egyptians were infected with the virus – that is, one-fifth of all Egyptians at this time.

Egypt is the first country in the world to reach Hepatitis C, the most popular country for Hepatitis C. Egypt and all health organizations in the fight against hepatitis C and the political leadership that was successful during this period are impressive.

He described the great success of the Egyptian government in eradicating the C virus due to the co-ordination and co-ordination of all ministries during this period: Accurately approved by the World Health Organization.

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