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“Xiaomi” introduces smart glasses with many benefits


Xiaomi has released its latest product Xiaomi Smart Class. The new smart glasses are similar to regular sunglasses, but they come with multiple sensors and an imaging system, which gives the wearer many smart features such as displaying maps and translating texts simultaneously. According to company reports, the Xiaomi smart glasses come with lightweight, 51g, powered optical wave technology Microlet New to display messages and notifications before the user’s eyes.

Glasses are capable of making calls and exploring road maps using advanced reality technology, as well as capturing images and translating texts in front of the wearer’s eyes.

The Xiaomi Smart Glass comes with a 5 megapixel camera for taking pictures and translating texts. The company also said that its new smart glasses are capable of translating voice into text and translating in real time. The new glasses rely on a processor ARM Quad core and a small touch panel, it also supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Glasses run on the Android operating system. Xiaomi relies on optical display technology for the design of glasses Microlet Technology to reduce the size of the glass body design Microlet It has a higher pixel density and smaller size, which allows the use of a smaller display screen.

The glasses have a display chip measuring 2.4 x 2.02 mm. The screen size is not larger than the size of a grain of rice, the single pixel measures 4 micrometers.

In the announcement of the new smart glasses, the company did not release any information about the price and release date. But the company is likely to launch its new product in China before it hits the global market. The new Xiaomi glasses are expected to become competitors to the recently launched smart glasses in collaboration with Facebook Ray-Ban.

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