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“Yellowstone” is a television masterpiece that brought the movie “Cowboy” back to the fore


The word “cowboy” is associated with the American identity, which began in the beginning of the 19th century and continues to this day in the states of Central, North and South America, in the category of art called western or stories. American West, and West means west of the Mississippi River.

These stories are linked to the expansion campaigns of European settlers to explore the lands of the North American continent, reaching as far as California and the West Coast states. Most of these stories are characterized by an epic character and are linked to the myth of the white man who conquered the Native American race and conquered its lands.

Today, in the current American generation obsessed with political correctness and waves of awareness, “cowboy” culture is a thing of the shameful past, and “cowboy” shame culture spread during the era of former President Barack Obama. However, no one can deny the existence of this lifestyle, and no matter how much the left tries to denigrate and ridicule it, it is deeply ingrained in the American conscience, especially for those who live in those parts of America.

So the theme of Yellowstone, a modern “cowboy” series created and written by Tyler Sheridan, presents the existential crisis of that lifestyle with old John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his estranged family and their struggle at the center of its story. Yellowstone Square in Montana.

The Dutton family is fiercely loyal to his son Lee (Dave Annabelle), accomplished lawyer Jimmy (Wes Bentley) and John’s only daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly). Mouth for her frequent use of the most obscene words and the worst insults.

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Then comes Casey (Luke Grimes), an American soldier who lives with his tribal wife Monica (Kelsey Aspel) on a nearby reservation. This disobedient son becomes the most important character in the story and the closest to the father. And of course, there’s farm labor leader Rip Wheeler (Cole Houser).


The first season revolves around the Dutton family’s struggle against the leader of the neighboring Indian reservation, Thomas Rainwater (Gill Birmingham), real estate developer Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston – son of American film producer legend John Huston). Jenkins wants to acquire John Dutton’s land to invest in tourism in Montana.

As for the events of the second season, the equation of the alliances of the first season is reversed, we see yesterday’s enemies allied against a new enemy: the fierce brothers Malcolm and Tail Beck (Neil McDonough) and (Terry Serpico). The dynamic nature of the relationships between the characters in the series is especially interesting this season.

The third season pits the Dutton family against white racist militants (neo-Nazis) and continues in the fourth season with an intense shooting sequence that leaves the viewer sweating as he sits on the edge of his chair.

The fifth season is somewhat slower, and focuses on creating more gaps for the side characters, but it ends with hints of a conflict between Jimmy and his father. The last episode of the season aired on January 1 of this year, and the author Sheridan said that he only had six episodes to finish the series, which will be broadcast next November, but the confirmed news came out of the dispute between the star of the series, Kevin Costner and Sheridan, which first left the set and did not return.

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The reason for the controversy is the way the series ended, with Sheridan saying he was never told the fifth season would be the last. As the hero of the story and a star with a long history in “cowboy” films, he has the right to decide the fate of his character.

The knot

Sheridan – according to a report published by the Wall Street Journal – suffers from a divine complex, which means that he has the first and last decision and allows no one to interfere with his writing. Sheridan was a fringe actor in the Sons of Anarchy series 15 years ago and did not succeed in acting, so he decided to enter the writing field, here his star rose, and an extraordinary talent appeared.

Sheridan wrote “Sicario” in 2015, followed by “Hell or High Water” the following year, and the “Cowboy” movie, which became a huge hit. Then the movie “Wind River” 2017, which is a modern “cowboy”, as well as his first directorial experience, then in 2018 the second part of “Sicario: Soldier’s Day”, which was attacked by the left-wing press for relevance. Her vision, along with the tendencies of former President Donald Trump, affected her performance at the box office.

In the same year, Sheridan wrote “Yellowstone” and directed its first 10 episodes, and his intention was not to continue, but the sudden success of the series changed his mind, and he continued to write every letter of it. The last chapter.

Big crowd

When “Paramount” showed the third season of “Yellowstone” on its cable channel, the shutdown measures against the “Corona” virus began in the United States. Not to be underestimated, Netflix sits on its throne.

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In those days, Universal Studios announced the launch of its online platform, Peacock, and Paramount needed a full year to complete its platform, Paramount Plus. Paramount had to sell the rights to that series to Peacock, and Yellowstone is at the top and the most watched in America.

At the beginning of 2021, “Paramount Plus” was ready, but “Peacock” received so many viewers that they fell in love with “Yellowstone” and refused to return the series to “Paramount”.

Yellowstone is one of the most expensive series in the history of the industry. The budget for one season was between 200 and 250 million dollars. As for Sheridan, he bought a large horse farm in Texas for $340 million.

• Cost between 200 and 250 million dollars…each season of work.

• There was confirmed news of a falling out between series star Kevin Costner and Sheridan.

Two introductory stories

Tyler Sheridan wrote two additional series, including two introductory stories to “Yellowstone”, the first “1883” and the second “1923”. Meereen tells the story of the next generation of the Dutton family who lived a century earlier. The events of the original series is another masterpiece that has been renewed for a second season.

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