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1.7 billion dirhams in Dubai real estate transactions


Real estate transactions in Dubai’s land sector today totaled over AED 1.7 billion. 411 sales worth 1.36 billion dirhams were recorded, including 65 land sales worth 485.85 million dirhams and 346 sales of apartments and villas worth 876.93 million dirhams. The most significant land sales were in the second Al Quoz area for 61.92 million dirhams, followed by the first Nat Al Sheba area for 36.51 million dirhams, followed by the second Al Quoz area for 34.4 million dirhams.
Hind City Zone 4 topped the regions in the number of sales, recording 21 sales worth AED 40.26 million, followed by Al-Habiya 5, with 18 sales valued at AED 117.19 million, and third in Saih Shuaib 1, with 5 sales. The value is 10.1 million dirhams.
In terms of the most important sales of apartments and villas, sales in Al Barsha South Fifth District amounted to 42.1 million dirhams, followed by 26 million dirhams in the third Al Habiya area, and finally the sale value of 17 million dirhams in the Burj Khalifa area. First Al Habiya area topped the regions for the number of apartment and villa sales, recording 52 sales worth AED 131.53 million, followed by Dubai Marina area with 46 sales valued at AED 139.55 million, Al Barsha in third place, South fourth with 22 sales valued at AED 16.3 million. .
Mortgages recorded a value of 224.86 million dirhams, including 10 land mortgages worth 21.37 million dirhams and 111 mortgages for villas and apartments worth 203.48 million dirhams, the most important of which was in Wadi Al Safa 7 area. One worth 18.46 million dirhams and another worth 17.02 million dirhams in Dubai Marina area. In terms of donations, 29 donations worth 115.36 million dirhams were recorded, the most important of which was in Naif area, 44 million dirhams, and another in Dubai Marina area, 12.43 million dirhams.

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