June 26, 2022

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10 companies hold 88.2% stake in the Dubai Market Index

D + D – Normal size

The semi-annual review of the weight of companies listed on the Dubai Financial Market Index found that 88 listed companies accounted for 88.2% of the index’s weight, while the weight of the top 20 companies in the index reached about 98.69%.

The top three companies in the general index of the market are the top three listed companies: Emaar Properties with 20%, Emirates NBD with 20% and Dubai Islamic Bank with 20%. , With a combined share of 60% of the total weight mouse. Data on the weight of companies in the index in January 2022 ranked Dubai Investment Company fourth with a share of 6.08%, followed by Emirates Integrated Telecom with 5.54%, followed by the Dubai Financial Market. 3.95%, and Air Arabia 3.71%, Aramax 3.32%, Emaar Development 3.26%, Mashreq Bank 2.35%, Commercial Dubai 1.8%, Dior Development 1.56%, Tomac 1.27 “Amanat” 1.03%, “Tabri 1.03% 1.0” Union Property %.

Other companies came in with less than 1%, including Ajman Bank 0.95%, Shua Capital 0.65%, Amlac 0.64%, Islamic Arab Insurance 0.52% and Gulf Navigation 0.24%. , And “Oman Insurance” 0.18%, “Dubai Islamic Insurance” 0.14%, “National Cement” 0.13%, “Arabtech Holding” 0.12%, “Dubai Insurance” 0.11%, and “Dubai National Insurance and Insurance” 0.1%.

The most influential banks

According to the data, banking stocks were the most influential in the market after gaining 5.1% of the sector’s 45.1% of the general index, namely “Dubai Islamic”, “Emirates NBD”, “Mashreq”, “Dubai Commercial” and “Bank Ajman”.

The real estate sector came in second with 7.2 per cent of the most influential sector in the market index, after acquiring 27.29 per cent of the public index, namely “Emaar Properties”, “Emaar Development”, “DAMAC”, “Union Properties”. ”And“ Emaar Properties ”. Deyaar Development and Arabtec Holding, Drake & Scull International.

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The weight of the company in the index is the number of free shares available for trading, excluding government shares, and 5% or more of the total shares in the company’s capital. Market value and benchmark ratios from 10 major commodities, including free stock.

Islamic code

In this context, the Dubai Financial Market announced that it was updating the weight of companies included in the Islamic Market Index, according to a quarterly review. , The largest companies by weight of the index, each accounting for about 10%, 40% of the total, followed by “Dubai Financial Market” 8.34%, “Air Arabia” 7.77%, “Emer Development” 7.61%, and “Aramex” 6.42%, GFH 6.01%. Development 3.39%, Tabreet 3.12%, Union Assets 2.84%, Amanat 2.51%, and Ajman Bank 2.07%.

The Dubai Financial Market announced in January 2022 the results of a half-yearly review of short-term securities samples. These include “Air Arabia”, “Aman”, “Amanat Holdings”, “Al Mal Capital REIT” and “Amlak Finance” “Aramex”, “Shimmera Standard & Poor’s Emirates Eusets Trader – Tranche A – cumulative return”, ” Shimmera S&P Emirates Sharia Trader ”,“ Deyaar Development ”,“ Deyaar Development ”and“ Dubai Islamic ”, Dubai Investments, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications, Emaar Properties, Emaar Development, GFH, Salama, Shua Capital, Tabreet, Union Properties & Emirates N. B.D.