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The US Food and Drug Administration approves updated vaccines for Covid-19

According to the Associated Press, the United States approved updated Covid-19 vaccines on Monday, hoping to improve protection against the latest strains of the virus and reduce the rise in infections in the fall and winter.

The decision, released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, makes the latest doses from Moderna, Pfizer and its partner BioEntech available to most Americans, even if they have not previously received the vaccine against the coronavirus, as part of the transition. To address fall variations… “Covid-19” is like getting an annual flu shot.

Additionally, an advisory panel for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is scheduled to make recommendations today (Tuesday) about who needs the updated vaccines the most. Vaccinations may begin later this week, and the Covid-19 vaccine and flu vaccine may also be given in one visit.

Updated Corona vaccine from Pfizer (AP).

Novavax, the third company to offer the coronavirus vaccine, said its updated vaccine is still under review by the Food and Drug Administration.

Hospitalizations due to Covid-19 have been on the rise since late summer, although due to vaccinations and lingering immunity from previous infections, they are not at the same level as this time last year.

But protection wanes over time, and the coronavirus continues to evolve new variants that can evade previous immunity.

It’s been a year since the vaccines were last updated, and only 20 percent of adults received this previous update.

Dr. Peter Marks, head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine administration, said in a statement: “Vaccination is critical to public health and ongoing protection from serious consequences of Covid-19, including hospitalization and death. “We strongly encourage those who are eligible to consider getting the vaccine.”

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Like previous vaccines, the fall round is available for adults and children as young as 6 months of age. The US Food and Drug Administration said that most people can get a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, starting at age five, even if they don’t.

Younger children may need an additional dose depending on their history of covid-19 infection and vaccinations.

It is clear that the US Food and Drug Administration does not describe this latest round as a booster, but rather an improved vaccine adapted to the virus currently in circulation.

The new recipe targets an Omicron variant called “XBB.1.5,” which replaces older combination vaccines that combine protection against the original coronavirus strain with an older version of Omicron.

Although this variant is no longer dominant, the US Food and Drug Administration has determined that it is sufficient to provide good synergistic protection to the coronavirus strains responsible for most Covid-19 diseases today. Like previous versions, it is expected to be more protective against the worst effects of the coronavirus than mild infections.

But while the FDA’s decision will allow widespread use of the updated vaccines, the CDC will decide how strongly to urge different groups to get them.

Federal officials said the vaccines are free for most Americans with private insurance or Medicare. But for uninsured or underinsured people, the CDC works with health departments, clinics and some pharmacies to temporarily offer free doses.

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