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A digital agency for government services will be launched soon


Minister of Justice Abdullah Bin Awad Al Nuaimi, Minister of State for Government Development and Future and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Government Digital Transformation Ohud Bin Kalban Al Rumi and Chairman of the Communications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority, Lieutenant General Talal Belhol, Ministry of Justice, Communications and Digital Government Regulation Signed a cooperation agreement between the Commission and the Supreme Committee for Transformation to create a digital power of attorney service plan for government digital, government services, and allow citizens and residents to authorize others to conduct digital government transactions on their behalf quickly, securely and legally, protecting the rights of all parties.

The project aims to create a new government digital application in addition to the UAE government’s digital agencies, where all government agencies can offer digital agency service for their services on their websites and apps in the next few months.

Under the digital power of attorney service for completing government services, a person can choose a specific government agency and a specific service provided by this agency and submit a request to issue a special power of attorney to another person. Issued directly, sent to the applicant and beneficiary and added to the digital wallet. Agency can be fixed-term or open-ended with no term limit.

Abdullah Al Nuaimi said, “The Ministry of Justice continues to strive to ease the customer’s journey in the field of providing government legal services.” He pointed out that the interest in digital services comes within the framework of prudent leadership directives to enhance efforts to improve digital services and simplify government procedures by consolidating service delivery channels.

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He added: “By launching the Government Digital Services Agency project, the Ministry of Justice seeks to provide an enhanced digital environment to facilitate easy and effective access to legal services for customers, while maintaining the quality and speed of those services. Work with other government agencies and departments to ensure coordination.” Comprehensive services provided by the Ministry of Justice.

Ohoud bint Kalfan Al Roumi emphasized, “The Digital Agency for Government Services is in line with the goals of the Supreme Council for Government Digital Transformation to achieve coordination between organizations and central government agencies, and to promote digital competitiveness, flexibility and digital coherence. Programs and systems to serve the people and increase the efficiency of the government.

Lt. Gen. Talal Belhole said: “We are excited about the renewed partnership with key government agencies such as the Ministry of Justice in areas such as adopting digital capabilities and adding additional services through advanced digital channels.” The Ministry of Justice points out that the authorities and working groups have an appropriate vision for the digital future, especially the fourth axis, which should be established as a more pioneering and superior organization, in accordance with the guidelines of the leadership and the axes of the “We Emirates 2031” vision.

• This project is a joint collaboration between Ministry of Justice, Digital Government and Summit Committee on Digital Transformation.

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