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A surprising discovery in the atmosphere of Venus: German researchers have discovered oxygen


In a significant scientific development, German researchers have succeeded in detecting the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere of the planet Venus, an important discovery that will help explain the differences between Venus and Earth and contribute to the search for signs of life.

German researchers have found clear evidence of oxygen in the atmosphere of Venus.

Oxygen has already been found on the night side of the planet, and now for the first time it has been detected on the day side of Venus.

The results, published in the scientific journal Nature, show that the atmosphere of Venus has a layer of atomic oxygen.

Oxygen disappears in the atmosphere between two strong air currents: the first is located at an altitude of 70 kilometers from the surface of the planet and its path is opposite to the direction of the rotation of Venus, the second current blows with the rotation of the planet and is located above 120. km from the surface of Venus.

Venus and Earth show remarkable similarities because they share size and age, and are thought to have formed from the same material. However, important differences emerge. Earth is home to life, the oceans are full of liquid water, and living things are everywhere on Earth, thanks to the diffusion of oxygen in the land and air, an important feature. When talking about planetary life.

Venus, on the other hand, differs greatly because it is surrounded by a dense cloud cover of gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and the planet is suffering from accelerated global warming, which does not seem conducive to life.

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Using the SOFIA infrared observatory, researchers succeeded in observing oxygen on Venus. Although the oxygen density is ten times lower than on Earth, the discovery opens new windows to understand the unique evolution between the two sister planets.

This data is expected to contribute to powering future space missions to Venus and perhaps revealing its mysteries.

NASA plans to send two spacecraft to Venus in the coming years, which will contribute to shedding light on the history and evolution of this bright and mysterious neighbor, improving the chances of uncovering more of the planet’s secrets and interactions in its atmosphere.

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