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A young man buys a fake car number for Dh85,000


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Thanks for reading the news about the young man who paid 85 thousand dirhams to buy a fake car number, now let’s start with the details.

Sharjah – By Ayman Al Fateh – The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court has ordered a young man to pay Dh95,000 to a person who offered to sell it, claiming to have a unique vehicle number plate. Compensation for defrauding him and getting 85 thousand dirhams from him, after realizing that the plate did not belong to him.

The buyer sued the seller, demanding 85 thousand dirhams and 15 thousand dirhams as compensation for material and moral damages, the defendant showed an advertisement on “Snapchat” for a unique advertisement. Number plate, 85 thousand dirhams. He agreed to buy it and transferred the required amount to him, but it was later revealed that he did not own the painting and refused to return the amount.

The seller was found criminally liable and fined 20 thousand dirhams. For its part, the court, in the merits of its judgment, established in the criminal judgment that the defendant was convicted of using fraudulent means to seize the money shown in the complaint and the money belonging to the victim. A fake ad on “Snapchat” shows a license plate number for sale. He contacted her through the “WhatsApp” program and supported her by lying and through which he was able to deceive and coerce the victim. The amount should be transferred to his bank account through the information network. The court pointed out that the accused was wrong

The judge convicted him on the same grounds relied upon by the plaintiff in filing the present suit, on the basis of proving his wrongdoing as represented by the “expropriation and confiscation of the plaintiff’s property”. Act forming common ground between criminal and civil cases, and in the legal interpretation of this statute and its attribution to the offender. The court ordered the plaintiff to pay Dh85,000 and Dh10,000 in damages.

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