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Amr Youssef to Daoud Al-Sharyan: I twice immigrated to the United States "in search of a dream" and worked as a salesman and car guard

Amr Youssef to Daoud Al-Sharyan: I twice immigrated to the United States “in search of a dream” and worked as a salesman and car guard

During his appearance with al-Shariah on the MBC satellite channel, Dawood al-Sharyan made a number of statements to the media that Egyptian star Amr Youssef had made several statements that he would not return to the United States for a second time. , Revealed the professions in which he worked before entering acting, and the late Noor al-Sharif talked a lot about him, which he considered to play an important role in his artistic career and other things.
In the details of his travels to the US during his youth, star Amr Youssef talked about the time he emigrated to the US, where he first traveled to the US in 1999 and worked there for a while, but returned to Egypt before being fully settled in 2001, where he was not informed. , His family expressed a desire not to return, at which time he suffered from what is known as the “American Dream” and he worked there. Before returning to Egypt, he worked as a “salesman” and “car guard” in a restaurant.

Going back a little, Amr recalled his artistic beginnings, expressing his interest in cinema and acting from an early age because he left school to watch movies in cinema, due to the overwhelming love he had for it.
Regarding his university studies, Amr Yousuf said that he had studied law and law and had not worked in the legal field, and that he still did not know the reason for choosing that field because his family was convinced at the time. Required sector in the labor market.
About his first career in acting before his career, considering that period, he came closer to the art work through voice commentary in art and media columns, before working as a show host on the channel “Rotana Cinema”. Important in his artistic career.
Yusuf explained that viewers got to know him through the Rotana channel’s news bulletin, especially since the channel was in its infancy and had a large audience, so viewers knew what it was like and followed it.

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Star Amr Youssef recalled his memories with the late artist Noor El Sharif, who made his acting debut in the “Al Dali” series, and said he was looking for new words to express Noor El Sharif’s role. Throughout his life, he considers him to be the most influential center in his personality and career, he has a lot of discipline, dedication and he knows how to take care of colleagues and support them.
Amr Youssef took pity on Noor L-Sharif, who said he had discovered many artists and producers and directors in his life, and expressed his loss and grief.

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