June 8, 2023

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An aggressive response from Nashwa Mustafa after the attack on him due to Rashwan Tawfiq

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Nashwa Mustafa, an Egyptian artist, responded to the attack on artist Rashwan Tawfiq after describing him as one of God’s righteous parents.

Nashwa Mustafa wrote on his Facebook page: “Religious people by nature and understanding are more honest than anyone – those who abuse me, accuse me, and set boundaries, because I have described my virtuous father and my teacher, Haj Rushwan. In the post)) I would like to tell them that if they read, they will get tired and look at the meaning of the word wali from the honest God’s friends – this is what it usually means if you want to know.

He added: “God’s parents are His beloved, His special ones are His servants, they are faithful and pious. Until, they are the ones who trust their love in Almighty God which is reflected in their behavior and morals in life.

And the artist, Nashwa Mustafa, backed the great artist Rashwan Tawfiq, following recent reports that his daughter, her husband and her grandson had filed a stone lawsuit against him.

Nashvi wrote on his Facebook page: Haji Rashwan Tawfiq is one of God’s righteous parents, we did not recommend him to God, O Maulana, may God give us a share in your blessings.

Nashwa Mustafa was surprised by the comment of one of the followers who accused Rashwan of mocking Tawfiq, who responded angrily and asked him to remain calm: “Shut up, I’m eagerly waiting. Who is my father.”

He continued to clarify in the comments, expressing his amazement at the teasing interpretation of some of the words, and he said: “Well, what is the guardian and dignity of God’s honest parents, and I want to know where Tariqa is?”

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