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Arnold Schwarzenegger broke Barbara Bush’s leg


During a recent appearance on the TV talk show “With Kelly Clarkson,” American action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger recounted a funny story when he admitted to the show’s host Kelly Clarkson that he had accidentally broken his ex’s leg. First Lady, Barbara Bush.

First, the host of the show spoke to him and said, “I heard this funny story before.” But I want to know from you whether it is true. “Accidentally broke the ankle of the First Lady of the United States? If this is true, tell me how it happened?” she asked.

In the early 1990s, George H.W. Schwarzenegger explained on the Oct. 18 episode of the show that while he was head of Bush’s fitness council, he was often invited to the president’s retreat at Camp David. “I was there one winter and the president said, ‘I have this big sled,'” Schwarzenegger recalled, “and it’s not really a sled, it’s just a sled.”

Schwarzenegger continues, “The president pointed out to me that I could steer this sled with my feet, but not with this type of sled.”

The movie star continues, “So we went down the hill in the snow, and the president was sitting behind me, and he was like, ‘You have to ride.’ Coming down the hill fast, we hit Barbara and she finished. In the hospital with a broken leg.”

Clarkson gasped when she heard the story, and pretended not to believe Schwarzenegger when she said she needed to go to the hospital. The actor added: “Her leg was put in a cast, but I have to say she and her husband were very gracious about it and the way they treated me.”

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The 76-year-old former governor of California also confirmed that he apologized for the incident and expressed how upset he was about the situation. He had previously touched on the incident in his memoir, “True Stories from My Life”, published in 2012. Schwarzenegger appeared on the talk show to promote his new book, “Be Effective,” which is part memoir, part self-help guide.

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