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Astronauts lost it… A shiny bag was spotted around Earth | Arab weather


Arabia Weather – Astronauts aboard the International Space Station lost their instrument bag, causing it to orbit Earth. Two NASA astronauts, Laurel O’Hara and Yasmin Moghbeli, were unable to control a suitcase while in space during a repair mission on the International Station.

Experts said the bag would circle the Earth until it penetrated the atmosphere and burned up, which the paper said could happen within the next few months. “Guardian” Many astronomers in Britain and around the world observed this bag, which was distinguished by its extreme brightness, which could be seen through a telescope, making it the third brightest object in the night sky.

For its part, the control center confirmed that the astronauts aboard the International Station were fine and did not need the missing bag.

A shiny suitcase orbiting the earth

European Space Agency (ESA) reserve astronaut Megan Christian observed the moments after the instrument bag escaped astronaut Yasmin Mokbeli’s hand to locate the bag, where it appeared, atop Mount Fuji.

In a related context, Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer from the Harvard Center for Astrophysics (CfA), revealed in a tweet. The bag also has its own designation, officially known as 58229/1998-067WC, in the U.S. Space Force’s cataloging system for in-orbit artificial objects, McDowell said.

The lost tool bag joins a variety of artificial space debris around Earth, including spacecraft and defunct satellites, tools previously used by astronauts, etc. It is noteworthy that this is not the first time a tool bag has been found. In orbit, historically it goes back to 2008, when NASA astronaut Heidi Stefanishine-Piper lost her grip on a tool bag while trying to repair a solar panel on the International Space Station.

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These space accidents appear to be part of a long record of strange things that spacecraft bring into Earth orbit, in this context, the late NASA space adventurer, Pierce Sellers, fisted with a spoon while dispensing adhesive to repair a heat shield. Space Discovery STS-121 in 2006. The spoon was thus described “Favorite Place” As far as extraterrestrials are concerned, this is a unique example of unusual objects ending up in Earth orbit.

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