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Because early treatment is important.. Know the signs of psychological problems in children


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Friday, July 21, 2023 at 10:00 p.m

When it comes to your child’s mental health, symptoms can go on for months or even years without treatment, and sometimes this lack of treatment is due to parents not recognizing the warning signs of a child’s mental illness. But early intervention and appropriate treatment can help your child feel better. Posted by verywellmind

Warning signs of mental illness

1 – Changes in sleeping habits: Your son may complain of insomnia or start sleeping after school, wanting to stay in bed all day or stay up all night could be signs of a problem.

2 – Loss of interest in regular activities: If your son gives up his favorite activities or is not interested in spending time with friends.

3 – Significant changes in academic performance: If your son loses interest in homework or suddenly falls behind in school, mental health problems can lead to dramatic changes in motivation to do schoolwork.

4- Changes in weight or appetite: Avoiding food, hoarding food and rapid changes in weight can be symptoms of an eating disorder. Depression is often characterized by weight changes.

5 – Extreme mood swings: Excessive anger, unexpected crying and high levels of irritability may be a symptom.

6 – Increased isolation: This can be a strong desire for solitude or excessive secrecy

If you notice any of these symptoms in your son, it’s helpful to remember that mental health issues are usually treatable.

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