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Bullying and psychological problems are the main causes of “childhood obesity”.


The Health Education Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah states that the rate of obesity among children is increasing every 10 years, and it is considered a serious and global problem that needs to be addressed due to its negative effects on children’s health. Obesity rates among children in the world.

In a brochure obtained by Emirates Today, the Department of Health Education said the psychological aspect of a child’s health is as important as nutrition. Some children may be bullied, or spoken negatively by adults or people around them, which causes self-doubt or self-loathing, which starts with the child’s psychological problems, and some children overeat as a means of ignoring negative messages or getting attention from their parents.

In the messages sent to him, the management pointed out the need to ensure the safety of those around the child, to develop self-confidence and self-esteem at an early age, to consult a psychologist if any changes in the child’s behavior are noticed, and to avoid nicknames for children suffering from obesity.

Regarding the quality of nutrition, the Department of Health Education confirmed that nutrition plays an important role in the physical and mental health of a child, so it is advised to pay attention to the quality of a child’s nutrition from the beginning of eating at the age of six months. He called for avoiding canned, processed and canned foods, relying on fresh food for food preparation, avoiding foods rich in sugar, salt and colorings, and choosing fresh and organic vegetables and fruits.

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He pointed out that the caregiver should inculcate eating habits in the child such as chewing food thoroughly before swallowing, stopping when full, not forcing the child to finish the plate, eating slowly, eating small amounts when hungry, and diversifying food items at one time.

Among the vagaries and demands of life, he noted that children are spending more time in front of screens for studies, entertainment, reading, etc., and their play and activity time is less than usual.

Administration revealed that one hour of daily physical activity reduces a child’s chance of developing obesity by 40%.

7 Benefits of Physical Activity

The Department of Health Education has identified seven benefits of physical activity for children:

■ Improving the child’s self-confidence and social relationships.

■ Increases concentration and learning levels.

■ Helps strengthen muscles and bones.

■ Improves general fitness and heart health.

■ Helps maintain a healthy weight.

■ Improves sleep quality.

■ Improves mood.

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