May 19, 2022

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Curcumin reveals new surprises about the doctor

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Investigations into the incident by the curcumin doctor revealed surprise at the allegation that he was selling illegal drugs, products and medical supplies.

The investigation revealed that although the accused had no decision from the Minister of Health or any other party involved to trade these products, no decision was made to open the office of Ahmed Abu al-Nasr for advertising. Drugs and Medical Supplies.

The inquest also found that the accused had defrauded citizens of more than மில்லியன் 50 million by claiming to be treating them as a result of crimes in the field.

The decision of the Cairo Economic Court raised the question of whether to file a case for judgment in the March 29 session of the second session of the curfew doctor’s trial on charges of selling unknown medical supplies and violating health requirements. The fate of the curcumin doctor.

Articles of law confirmed that the accused in this case faces 3 scenarios in which the judiciary or the judiciary imposes a fine without imprisonment on the accused to imprison him for a period of time determined by the first court, or combines them, and the Akbar al-Yum newspaper reports that the last accused is acquitted of the charges against him.

The investigation revealed that the accused Ahmed Abu al-Nasr had been creating and managing pages on the social networking site “Facebook” and other sites for the crime of selling these without a license and for using publishing methods. Unless he is licensed to practice medicine, the public will be convinced of his right to hold a degree of his own. , And other misconduct.


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