April 1, 2023

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توقف "90 دقيقة" لإصابة بسمة وهبة بوعكة صحية أثناء الفاصل ونقلها للمستشفى

During the break, Basma Wahba fell ill and was taken to hospital, where he was suspended for “90 minutes”

Al-Mehwar Channel announced in an official statement that tonight’s broadcast of the “90 Minutes” show has been suspended due to media injury. Basma Wahba During the break he fell ill and was later transferred to the hospital, after presenting a report on the future social role played by the Home Party in continuing the series of aid provided by the party in the first paragraph of the Basma Wahba program. People of Aswan Province in support of those affected by the heavy rains..

In the second paragraph of the show, he discusses the crisis of festival songs, and says that there is an ongoing debate about festival songs in Egyptian society: Some festival singers, and Honey Shaker’s decision did not bother all festival singers, but the composers banned many who did not follow the rules of work in the syndicate.

And Basma Wahba continued: “I admire the color of the festivals, but with respectful words, two years ago, the song” Bint Al Geeran “appeared, which caught our attention in the color of the festivals, and artist Honey Shaker asked us to establish a section for festival singers in the syndicate, so the festival There are clear restrictions on the shape and quality of words and to control this color.

On the other side of the rap songs he warned: “I have a big reservation against rap songs and we strongly warn against them.”

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