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&e signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Vodafone in Europe, Middle East and Africa


&e announced yesterday that it has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Vodafone, enhancing collaboration and joint work between them. To provide the latest innovative products and services in the telecommunication and technology sectors. The agreement establishes the entry of &e as a major shareholder in the Vodafone Group, thus creating a new phase in the strategic relationship initiated by &e when it made its first investment in Vodafone in May 2022.

The agreement aims at strategic cooperation and joint action between the world’s leading telecom and technology service providers. To achieve further development and growth, &e and Vodafone plan to enhance collaboration and create digital services and solutions that transcend geographic boundaries for customers from different countries in multiple regions.

Companies and Institutions Department; The two companies will collaborate to provide services and solutions to enterprises, multinationals and public sector organizations including fixed and mobile communication services, mobile private networks, Internet of Things, cyber security and cloud services.

Procurement Department; Both companies will share best practices capable of integrating joint procurement, wholesale and roaming segments; As both companies strengthen their efforts to create the best partners capable of delivering a highly efficient digital infrastructure and technology sector; The two organizations are working together to implement a roadmap that will allow for the development and adoption of open radio access technology.

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Under the agreement, &e’s CEO joins Vodafone’s board of directors as a non-executive board member, &e holds a 14.6% stake, and may nominate a second independent non-executive board member if &e is its shareholder. 20% more. , (subject to certain changes prior to obtaining regulatory approvals) the appointment of these two members is subject to obtaining appropriate regulatory approvals.

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Hatem Dovidar, CEO of &e, said: “Our investment decision in Vodafone is consistent with our aim to strengthen our position as a leading global group in the technology and communications sector, and builds on Vodafone’s strong reputation and position as one of the most important leaders in the world’s telecommunications and digital services sector. We are delighted to welcome Margherita della Valle; As the new CEO of Vodafone Group, we trust his leadership skills to lead the company to achieve strong growth in the coming period and we believe that the strategic collaboration between &e and Vodafone will contribute to creating new opportunities for us to support and adopt. Looking forward to next generation technologies and the future of the global digital communications industry, which has seen growth.

Vodafone Group CEO Margherita Della Valle said: “We are delighted to strengthen our relationship with &e through a strategic collaboration agreement between us, which gives us the opportunity to work together with the aim of exploring greater growth opportunities in global markets. Include additional conversations related to improving communication technology within the board of directors’ discourse framework”.

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