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Egyptian who entered Cairo’s Cave of “Magic and Sorcery”… What did he say about its “strange and terrifying” secrets?


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — You’ve probably been to Mount Mogatham in Egypt before and enjoyed the stunning views of all the landmarks of the historic capital, Cairo. However, you might have missed one of its hidden caves. From the audience’s point of view.

It is known as the “Cave of Magic and Sorcery” because it is located opposite the citadel of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, considered one of Egypt’s most important tourist attractions.

Egyptian travel blogger Ahmed Zahran, owner of the YouTube channel Ahmed Zahran76, was brave enough to enter.

He told CNN in Arabic: “In its corners you will find many strange and terrifying secrets,” and the walls of the cave are lined with symbols and letters through which jinn are invoked in magic and sorcery. .

The location of the cave adds to its mystery as there is no way to climb it.

Sahran, who had been practicing photography for 4 years, felt fear when he reached the cave entrance.

He was worried when he heard the sound of bats from them (Watch video clip above)

Egyptians consider Mount Mogadam the only real mountain in Cairo, although many classify it as a plateau, according to the “Tour Egypt” website.

Its height ranges from 400 to 500 feet. It is located just east of Cairo. As Zahran told CNN in Arabic, his name is said to have come from his amputated legs.

The Egyptian travel blogger hopes to visit all the unique sites around his country and document them in video form, with the aim of showing them to the public on YouTube.

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