January 29, 2023

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Emirates News Agency – Tomorrow … Celebrates “First Emirates Medical Day”

Abu Dhabi, May 8 / WAM / Health & Government Partners is organizing a series of events and activities to celebrate Monday’s “First Emirates Medical Day” in appreciation of the efforts of medical staff and health workers in improving the community. Health and quality of life.

The Council of Ministers for Development, with the support of the Ministry of Community Development, has recognized May 9 each year as a special day to celebrate “Emirates Medical Day” to promote humanitarian payments and the noble efforts of medical and nursing staff. And to highlight the great efforts made by health service providers and health officials and facilities, to highlight the pioneering achievements made in the field in the past, to honor the best medical personnel and to support them in all forms, they are an integral part. Leading medical organization in the United Arab Emirates.

The event embodies the wise guidance and strategic vision of wise leadership who seek leadership and competitiveness in all fields, especially in the field of healthcare.

On the eve of “First United Arab Emirates Medical Day”, Hassan Jassim Al Nowais, CEO of Mubatala Healthcare, thanked Mubatala for all the healthcare professionals in the field and praised their important role.

He said, “During the past two years, when the world was hit by the ‘Govt-19’ epidemic, medical and medical teams across the UAE have proven their mission to be at the heart of our solid national values. We really appreciate their commitment to being at the forefront. ”

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He added, “At Mubadala Healthcare, we are proud of our network of approximately 10,000 healthcare providers, 60% of whom are medical and medical staff, thanks to their decades of experience and their ability to apply the latest advanced technologies. Can provide innovative, world-class patient care and support, and support the UAE’s efforts to provide the highest level of health care to all members of the community. We strive to provide the best possible care for everyone. ”

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WAM / Hoda Ragab / Ahmed Al-Boutli