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Emirates News Agency – UAE plays a pioneering role in supporting and promoting global trade


  • The UAE is a leader in supporting and promoting global trade

By: Rami Sami New Delhi, September 9, 2017: The UAE plays a pioneering role in supporting and promoting global trade, thanks to one of the strongest networks of connectivity with sea ports that must serve the global trade movement to ensure the smooth flow of trade.

With more than 20 container ports such as Jebel Ali, Khalifa, Fujairah and Khor Fakkan, the UAE has become a major hub for exports and re-exports and has succeeded in limiting its ports to sea and ocean levels. Logistics, rather they have become an interface for maritime tourism, real estate and logistics projects and maritime industries. It has become a regional and global hub capable of attracting huge global investments. This policy has created the importance of the UAE. Place on the map of the international economy is enhanced by a strategic location in the middle of global trade lines.

As a result of the UAE’s investment in its renowned ports, the UAE has become a key hub in connecting global markets and facilitating travel and tourism around the world, in light of the significant development of infrastructure and the continuous improvement of logistics and customs services. Over the past five years, the UAE has become the Arab leader in maritime connectivity to the world’s ports, after tremendous progress in modernizing the infrastructure of its international ports and airport network and the significant expansion of its national merchant fleet. Reaches countries and regions of the world with its modern carriers. Dubai Ports World Group (DP World) has invested in more than 50 countries around the world, while many digital systems have been developed by sea, land and air. “Magda Gateway”, which has contributed to… turning national ports into incubators for creativity and futuristic solutions based on advanced technologies. In the railway sector, last February, the country launched the National Railway Network, an ambitious project that contributes to strengthening the UAE’s preparations for the future, thus becoming a key station in the UAE’s development process and helping to push towards the national economy. New frontiers. Connecting the country’s emirates to a national rail network contributes to raising its capacity and improving its competitiveness, as the network is an ambitious development project that connects the seven emirates into a single network, one of the largest infrastructure projects in the region. It stretches for about 900 kilometers across the emirates, while the freight train has 38 locomotives and more than 1000 vehicles capable of transporting all types of goods and materials. The UAE national railway network contributes to supporting companies’ businesses and improving their investment opportunities, as it connects the country’s seven emirates from Al Quwaifat to Fujairah on the border with Saudi Arabia. Global distribution network.

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The UAE national railway network contributes to consolidating the union’s strength for the next fifty years by supporting the national economy with a value of 200 billion dirhams, saving 8 billion dirhams in road maintenance costs and its tourism benefits estimated at around 23 billion dirhams. Due to its ability to transport all types of goods, including transporting containers of bulk materials such as petrochemicals, crude steel and its products, lime, cement, etc., the UAE railway network offers easy-to-use solutions for investors and customers. Construction materials, industrial and domestic waste, aluminium, food products and general cargo.

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