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Expo City Dubai is vibrant and active


Together with Al Wasl Square to hold the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest immersive interactive dome, Expo City Dubai unveiled a rich schedule of events including advanced technology experiences, cultural festivals, new dining options and more. A wide range of sports ventures to reinforce its position as a home for creativity, global innovation and luxury.

Among its latest offerings is a new and pioneering Augmented Reality experience where visitors will soon be able to interact with Al Wasl Dome through their mobile phones, adding a new achievement to its list of distinguished achievements.

Alwaleed Othman, official judge of the Guinness Book of Records, said: “Al Wasl Square is a testament to architectural excellence and a unique structure that resonates with all those who are proud to experience it. Its entry in the Guinness Book of World Records confirms Expo 2020 and Expo City Dubai’s commitment to innovation and excellence.”

Amna Belhole, Executive Director of Events and Entertainment, Expo City Dubai, said: “Al Wasl City continues to bring people together and we are excited to share details of our new experiences while our renowned interactive destination takes on this prestigious space. Acknowledgment. From interactive augmented reality, to honoring Arab explorer Ibn Battuta in our latest immersive experiences, to the launch of a sustainable café, to the return of Winter City and Ramadan neighborhood events, our upcoming offerings will strengthen our city’s position as a hub for creativity. Innovation and luxury.”

Belhole confirmed that Al Wasl City will bring people together and launch various activities suitable for all ages, in a press conference titled “Dubai Expo City, a destination for creativity, innovation and healthy living”, revealing a wide range of local and international events. The city has announced a calendar of activities for the 2023-2024 season, the first of which kicks off this October, and includes a number of workshops and events, the first of which will be held in conjunction with the “Dubai Fingerprint Biennial”. On October 21st and 28th, Japanese virtual reality artist Emi Sekiguchi will participate. And Emirati painter, photographer and sculptor Matar bin Lahej, in collaboration with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Belhole pointed out that the Japanese artist presented a work of art. Painting in the air and displaying painting in the dome in an innovative way, something that has never been done before, the paintings and works of painter Mather Bin Lahage will be transformed into unique animated art pieces, a unique experience. The city offers its visitors interactive augmented reality activities and immersive experiences that tell unique stories such as the story of the Arabian explorer Ibn Battuta. The city announced the opening of the new Al Wasl Square Cafe, located near the Al Wasl Dome, where visitors can enjoy coffee and food while watching live performances. This cafe is a local brand serving Arabic cuisine. standards.

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It was also announced that on October 27th and 28th (22.7 degrees “Molecular”) there will be suitable activities for all family members, such as a musical and artistic adventure, which highlights the rapid melting of snow on the island. In Greenland, the Artificial Intelligence Film Festival will continue its operations, and from next year, the city will see “Break the Block” events, a festival of music, food and arts celebrating the spirit of youth. , and hosting the first electronic music festival in the Middle East (Undold), which will take place in February, Amna Bellhole is calling on the public to get in early. GETTING TICKETS Mentioned the first batch of tickets for this exciting event. Sold out.

• Visitors will soon be able to interact with Al Wasl Dome through their mobile phones, a new feat in its list of achievements.

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