March 31, 2023

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Fresh oil spill off Peru coast

Fresh oil spill off Peru coast

Kayaw – AFP
The government says a new oil spill has occurred off the coast of Peru as clean-up work continues for a similar incident 10 days ago, during work on setting up an underwater treatment plant.
On Tuesday morning, while working at La Pompeo, a company owned by the Spanish energy company Repsol, the Ministry of Environment learned of the company’s refusal to collect and distribute groundwater between the treatment plant and a new leak. Hours before authorities announced the new leak, “Repsol” denied the leak. Repsol-Peru wrote on its website: “We reject the second oil spill. We warn against spreading misinformation.” .
He contacted Repsol, who said the leak had occurred despite work being carried out to remove crude oil before monitoring and repairing the pipe.
Following the spill of about 264,000 gallons of crude oil into the sea this month, an oil tanker was working tirelessly to clean up the mess caused by the announcement of a major environmental emergency when it was hit by massive waves while unloading cargo at a refinery.

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