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GBT Chat is now available on Android devices | Technology and cars


Ammon – OpenAI, the company responsible for the Chat GPT portal, has allowed users via the Android platform to pre-register for a copy of the company’s artificial intelligence service via smart devices.

In a tweet published by “Open AI” through its official account on “Twitter”, the company said: We are announcing “GBT Chat” for Android! The app will be rolled out to users next week and can be pre-ordered on the Google Play Store starting today.

The company launched the GBT Chat app for iOS from Apple on May 18, and said at the time that an Android version would be released “soon.”

Although users can access GPT Chat or other OpenIA tools via the web interface from mobile devices, a dedicated pod application provides a better experience.

Great expectations
Download numbers indicate that the iPhone version was downloaded nearly half a million times in its first week of launch, and the Android user base is so large that the Android app will quickly top that number.

gpt chat
“GBT Chat” tool is a state-of-the-art technology that has the ability to communicate smoothly with humans, provide appropriate answers to all queries, and rely on artificial intelligence to identify errors and reject inappropriate queries.
And with artificial intelligence technology, “GBT Chat” works to understand exactly what you type, no matter what language you use.

GBT Chat interacts with the user as if someone were on the other side of the conversation.
Normal search engines only rely on written text, but ChatGPT analyzes the sentence we write, understands what it means and brings you the exact answers you need.

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GPT Chat is unique in its ability to provide detailed answers rather than links to articles.

GBT Chat can provide thousands of information on a single question if it is related to a single topic.

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