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Get the new iPhone 14 Pro in interest-free installments at a great price, 700 riyals off from noon in Saudi Arabia


The iPhone 14 Pro is one of the best advanced phones from the American company Apple. This phone is characterized by a set of amazing specifications and features that sets it apart from the rest. This phone comes with an amazing, high-quality screen. In addition to high-resolution and beautiful cameras, it helps you take amazing pictures and record… videos with exceptional quality and great stability. Materials used in mobile phone manufacturing are characterized by quality and durability, which enhances and ensures the user experience. Long term stability and durability. If you want to get iPhone 14 Pro and pay in installments without paying interest, you can take advantage of Noon Saudi Arabia offers.

iPhone 14 Pro Phone Price in installments from noon Saudi Arabia

The price of iPhone 14 Pro phone from Noon Saudi Arabia in installments is as follows:

  • The price of the phone before the discount is 5299 Saudi Riyals, after the discount it costs 4599 Saudi Riyals and includes VAT.

  • The phone costs 384 Saudi Riyals and is paid in monthly installments without interest.

  • Plus, you’ll get huge discounts on purchases up to 700 Saudi Riyals.

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iPhone 14 Pro installment terms from Noon Saudi Arabia

It allows customers to easily and conveniently pay for selected phones in installments with certain conditions to be followed while financing a mobile phone from Noon Saudi Shop, which are as follows:

  • The monthly installment for the mobile phone starts at 384 Saudi Riyals and the installment is calculated based on the cash price of the mobile phone.

  • The customer must have a credit card from one of the participating banks for Noon Saudi Arabia’s installment plan. The customer should check the list of participating banks to ensure their eligibility for bank installments.

  • Mobile should be purchased from Noon Saudi Arabia store for easy phone installation.

  • Customer must purchase from official store to ensure possibility of installment payment.

iPhone 14 Pro phone price

iPhone 14 Pro camera specifications

Now let’s learn about the amazing specifications that differentiate the phone and make it one of the most powerful smartphones, which are as follows:

  • The phone’s front-facing camera has a resolution of 12 megapixels, f/1.9 lens aperture, and supports autofocus technology.

  • The front camera has a secondary lens for the Face ID system and offers isolation.

  • The rear camera of the phone is a triple lens, the primary camera has a resolution of 48 megapixels and an F/1.8 lens aperture.

  • The secondary camera comes with 12-megapixel resolution and F/2.8 lens aperture, and supports 3X optical zoom and optical image stabilization (OIS) technology.

  • The third camera comes with 12-megapixel resolution and f/2.2 lens aperture and is designed for wide-angle photography.

  • There is a TOF 3D sensor for isolation and portrait effects and a dual LED flash for illumination.

iPhone 14 Pro Mobile Features

Features of iPhone 14 Pro include:

  • Screen: The phone comes with a new “Moving Island” screen, which is a 6.1-inch LTPO Super Retina XDR OLED. The screen is characterized by high quality and amazingly true colors.

  • Water and Dust Resistance: The phone has IP68 certification for water and dust resistance, which means it can be used underwater up to a depth of 6 meters for half an hour.

  • Storage Capacity: The phone has an internal storage capacity of 256 GB, which allows users to easily store a lot of files and applications. And it has 6 GB of RAM.

  • Performance: The phone has Apple’s powerful A16 Bionic processor, which is considered one of the most powerful processors currently available.

  • It features 4nm technology and features Apple GPU 5-core graphics, providing fast and efficient performance for running heavy applications and games.

  • Design and Durability: The phone has high-quality materials and excellent durability. It has a ceramic shield front, a matte toughened glass back and a stainless steel frame.

iPhone 14 Pro Battery Specifications

  • The phone has an exceptional battery that is capable of retaining a charge for a long time while using the phone.

  • The battery has a capacity of 3200 mAh and supports 20W fast charging technology, which means the phone can be charged quickly and efficiently.

  • In addition, this battery supports 15W MagSafe magnetic wireless charging technology, and supports wireless charging with conventional 7.5W Qi chargers.

  • That means you can charge your phone easily and conveniently without the need for cables.

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How many months are the noon installments?

Noon Saudi Arabia installments from 3 to 6 months by credit card.

Do you advise me to buy a mobile phone from noon?

Yes, because Noon phones are original phones.

How to buy an iPhone in installments from noon?

Steps to buy mobile phone on installment plan from noon:

  • Choose the type of mobile phone you want to buy.

  • Click on “Pay Now and Pay Later in Easy Monthly Installments” option.

  • Enter the credit card number and select the appropriate installment plan.

  • Confirmation of receiving an email confirming the success of the process and explaining the terms and conditions.

  • Receipt of mobile phone after approval of installment request.

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