March 28, 2023

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أهداف الجمعة.. منتخب سوريا يهزم تونس فى كبرى مفاجآت كأس العرب

Goals on Friday .. Syria beat Tunisia in the biggest surprise of the Arab Cup

Yesterday, Friday, some matches were played at various venues around the world, especially the major European league matches, apart from the Arab Cup matches, which were marked by numerous amazing goals.

The goals of Friday’s World Cup are:

Arabic Cup goals

Syria 2 – 0 Tunisia

In the second round of the second group match played at the “Al-Bait” ground on Friday evening, the Syrian national team had a surprisingly valuable victory with a clean double against its Tunisian team in a joint meeting on Friday evening. Championship. Arabic Cup In its tenth edition, Qatar will host until December 18th.

The Syrian team finished the first half better than Oliver Guscov scored in the 4th minute of the match, a powerful shot into his net that deceived the Tunisian goalkeeper.

In the second half, Mohamed Ans scored the second goal for Cassio Nisur in the 47th minute to give Syria a 2-1 first-round victory over Emirates in the first leg.

Qatar 2 – 1 Oman

The Qatar national team advanced to the quarterfinals of the 2021 Arab Cup after scoring two goals against one in the second round of the group stage on Friday to seal a valuable victory over Oman. The Arab Cup Championships are currently taking place in Doha..

Qatar took the lead through Akram Afif on a penalty kick in the 32nd minute, then Khalid Al-Hajri equalized with a header in the 74th minute before Al Annabi mistakenly snatched the victory through the Oman defender in the 98th net. Minute of the match..

United Arab Emirates 1 – 0 Mauritania

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As part of the second round of the Group Two tournament, the UAE national team conceded a free kick to their Mauritanian team in a clash between them at 974 Stadium on Friday evening. Championship. Arabic Cup 2021.

Khalil Al Hammadi scored the winning goal for the United Arab Emirates in the third minute of stoppage time.

German league goals

Union Berlin 2 – 1 Leipzig

Spanish league goals

Granada 1 – 0 Always