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Google develops artificial intelligence algorithms that can understand users’ jokes | Technology


After receiving only two jokes, Google says the new algorithms can understand any new joke.

At a recent conference for developers of applications for the Android operating system being developed by technology and Internet service provider Google, the US company unveiled new artificial intelligence algorithms, many of which Cnet reported. .com “website, which specializes in technical issues.

New algorithms developed by Google allow devices to understand users’ jokes, which require more understanding of different meanings of words and human actions.

When a comedian, for example, utters a sarcastic or controversial phrase, the listener simply feels that the tone of voice or body language and other indicators have accumulated meanings to the recipient through human interactions.

But a new method called PALM (the initials of the “Language Paths Model”) allows you to understand the humor of jokes without having to train on AI devices.

After receiving only two jokes, Google says the new algorithms can understand any new joke.

According to a Google report (Reuters), the new algorithm can explain and communicate any new humor.

Understanding jokes and humor is not the ultimate goal of Alphabet Inc. (Google’s parent company), but to enhance the ability of artificial intelligence tools to analyze the nuances of natural language and Google search queries. Can be provided and more complex applications are developed by users faster and more accurately in more languages ​​and populations.

This will increase the ability to communicate with devices by breaking barriers and communicating more seamlessly.

Dong Nguyen, Senior Principal Analyst at Research and Technical Consulting Gardner, said it is difficult to talk to non-experts about what BALM algorithms do, let alone natural language processing; Devices function to some extent as a delivery mechanism for all the wonderful acts that one does.

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