February 7, 2023

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Greek composer Vangelis, composer of “Blade Runner” and “Couriers of Fire”

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On Thursday evening, Greek Prime Minister Grios Mitsotakis announced the death of the famous Greek composer Vongelis Papadanacio, also known as Vongelis.

“Vanzalis Papadanacio is no longer with us,” the Prime Minister wrote in a tweet on Twitter, saying that “the music world has lost the international (artist) Vanzalis.”

Pioneer of electronic music

Vangelis was considered a pioneer of self-produced electronic music, and his work was inspired by nature, evangelism, futuristic architecture, space exploration, and the May 1968 student movement.

The music he wrote for The Chariots of Fire has won more Oscars than the one set by John Williams for the Indiana Jones film since 1982.

The Greek news agency quoted his lawyer as saying: “We are deeply saddened by the death of Greece’s great Vangelis Papadanacio on Tuesday night, May 17.

Several Greek media outlets have reported that Vangelis, who lived between the cities of Paris, London and Athens, died of the corona virus in France.

His compositions for more than a dozen films include Costa Gavras’ film “Messing”, and Roman Polanski’s “Peter Moon” and Oliver Stone’s “Alexander”.


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