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He entertains the audience with his songs.. Touching news of Muhammad Mounir in Jeddah Concert


Mustafa al-Jethawi

Posted: Saturday, June 17, 2023 – 1:31 am | Last Updated: Saturday 17 June 2023 – 1:31 AM

King Muhammad Mounir’s concert titled “Mishwari” in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia saw a huge audience interaction with cheers, loud shouts and clapping.

During the ceremony, Al-King presented a group of his songs that won the audience’s approval and dialogue with him, as they showed aspects of music and chanted songs while Al-King sang on stage.

Mounir opened the ceremony with the song “Tonight, Samra”, then he performed “Food on God”, then singer Najad Al-Shakira performed “I Love the Sea”, then “Oh, Who Asks About Life”, and “Ali is your voice” In singing”, and later about the song “Lemon Trees”, he said: “Lemons never rain on his lands, and God willing they never rain on ours.”

King Mounir was eager to give a speech to the audience during his concert, thanking the audience for welcoming him with cheers, applause and conversation as he sang on stage.

Mounir said: “I have nothing but gratitude, I did not travel by plane or go to another homeland, I arrived home properly in the first national dress, and thanks and thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and thanks to its fans, and may God increase you from His grace and mercy, And may goodness spread throughout the Arab world, thank you”.

Mounir added to the audience during the ceremony: “I feel your love and happy hearts, I feel joy in your eyes and in mine, the next song (I adore the sea) and in the kingdom there is a sea, praise be God, there is a sky, our Lord has a way to make it easy, And this song is from nineties artist Najad Al Saghira, I hope the song will make you happy. All the listeners are happy.

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And the media, Yasmin Eze, presented the ceremony, she appeared on stage wearing a blue dress and gave the king to restore the ceremony, which reviewed his history and art by presenting a documentary about King Mohammed Mounir. profession.

The King’s concert was held with a group of 87 musicians from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, America, Japan, Paraguay, Ukraine, France and Sudan, and featured a group of very famous musicians; Jose Manuel, Ruiz Motos, Spain’s Juan Jose, Suarez Escobar, America’s Victor Mendoza, Egypt’s Fathi Adly Salameh, Tarek Raouf and Hassan Hosni with the participation of numerous brass and woodwind players from the famous Kiev Symphony. band.

Victor Espanola from Paraguay, Samuel Giffork from America and Sayaka Kadusky from Japan participated in the band “Yanni”, a group of three international musicians.

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