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High Population Authority and Youth Authority conduct awareness sessions on reproductive health…


The High Population Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, Hussain Labor and Construction Camps by 2023 implemented a series of awareness sessions aimed at educating youth and women and improving their knowledge on the components of reproductive health. , adolescence, sexually transmitted diseases, violence, preparation for marriage, family planning, safe childbirth and postnatal care, cancer of the male and female reproductive system, infertility, menstruation), and introducing an electronic knowledge base to participating youth and women Youth Reproductive Health (DARPI) ); Established by the High Population Council with the support of the United Nations Population Fund, it aims to create health awareness among members of society, particularly youth and women, to improve their reproductive health by providing an integrated set of information and data to enable them to make informed decisions on aspects of their reproductive health.Add an ad

Ataf Al-Hadid, Director of the Media and Communication Division of the Overpopulation Council, confirmed that the site is an important source of data and information on reproductive health, tailored to youth and women. and indicates that the site allows all sections of the community to ask any question that might bother one of its visitors about topics related to reproductive health. And it is answered by a team of expert experts and then the answer is sent to the concerned person, the owners of these questions are handled in strict confidence.
Meetings included the implementation of a pre- and post-competition (DARP) for participants on an electronic knowledge platform for adolescent reproductive health, and an introductory video presentation by a developer of web applications on the platform and its methodology of use. Technical Support of the Council, Engr.
For his part, Firaz Al-Shawabke, Director of Youth Centers at the Ministry of Youth, praised the partnership with the Overpopulation Council in implementing awareness programs on various reproductive health issues, which the ministry is keen to include in addition to this year’s Al-Hussein Labor and Construction Camps programs, which will target a wide range of youth in all governorates of the Kingdom. Finding participation.

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