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HONOR launched its new HONOR X9b 5G phone with advanced technologies and unique design


HONOR, the leading technology brand, has unveiled its new device, HONOR X9b 5G, which represents the latest versions of the popular device, making its acquisition a special experience for users.

Performance of Hon

An unbreakable smartphone

The Honor is distinguished by its durable structure made of innovative materials that provide the ability to absorb shocks, tests have shown the ability to absorb the impact of a fall from a height of 1.5 meters, and provides extensive protection on all sides. The corners of the phone provide improved screen durability and stability when dropped on a hard marble surface.

The lifespan of the device is improved by creating small holes in the structure, which act as an air cushion that dissipates, absorbs and reduces the impact force, thus preventing breakage or damage to the screen. This technology provides users with a reliable and permanent solution to protect their phones and provide maximum protection to the device. Thanks to this integrated set of innovative features, the new phone succeeded in achieving a five-star Swiss SGS certification for drop resistance for the entire device, making it the first device to achieve this feat at the industry level.

Long-lasting battery to ensure better performance

The Honor So, the device outperforms previous versions in terms of speed, offering efficient AI processing performance that supports multiple real-time processing use cases. Honor has provided the new phone with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage unit to ensure better performance of the device and provide large file storage capacities.

HONOR is eager to offer its new phone a powerful and long-lasting battery with a capacity of 5800 mAh, which allows the device to function for a whole day, making it the ideal phone for continuous work without the need for recharging. The battery supports up to three days of continuous use for work, play and entertainment on the go. On a full charge, the phone offers the ability to play video clips for 19 hours, 12 hours of gaming or 22 hours of browsing social media sites.

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An exceptional photography experience compared to competing phones

The Honor allows camera users to capture images with high quality, enhanced exposure and enhanced dynamic range, even in low-light environments.

The camera also offers high imaging quality with up to 3X zoom and advanced motion capture, which ensures clear images with great detail are captured by the HONOR X9b 5G phone. The camera comes with HONOR’s high-speed instant motion freezing technology, allowing users to capture clear images with great detail even when the subject is moving. Even when the subject is running, dancing or spinning very quickly, the camera outperforms its competitors in capturing still images, opening the way for photographers who want to capture moving images on their phones.

Stunning curved edge display for an immersive viewing experience

The Honor

The Honor

Due to its sleek design with curved edges, light weight and slim body, the phone represents the gold standard for mid-range phones in the market today. HONOR X9b 5G is the perfect choice for users looking for an unbreakable smartphone with a great camera, stunning display and great performance at an affordable price.

Design, price and availability

When purchasing The Honor, customers will receive free gifts worth 1,047 riyals, including HONOR TWS X5 headphones, HONOR VIP Care+ and a special card for the HONOR X9b 5G phone.

The bright orange edition will be available exclusively at Jarir Bookstore for a month.

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